Hashtag usage has grown like wildfire on social media and is now standard practice for many digital marketers. Many large and small brands create custom hashtags for their campaigns, making it easier to keep all posts and conversations together in one group. Hashtags are especially useful on Instagram and Twitter. Using hashtags effectively can enable you to reach your target audience either directly or through top industry influencers.

Proper hashtag usage can increase engagement and enhance your posts and tweets. It is important to keep track of the top hashtags used in your industry, but with the hundreds of thousands of hastags out there finding the best hastags and keeping track of trends is not possible without the use of hastag tracking tools.

Here are some hashtag tracking tools that are commonly used:

  1. All Hashtag
  2. Brand 24
  3. BrandMentions
  4. BuzzSumo
  5. Followthehastag
  6. Hashtagify
  7. Harshtags.org
  8. Hashtracking
  9. Tagnoard
  10. Ritetag
  11. Keyhole
  12. #Onemilliontweetmap
  13. Social Searcher
  14. Talkwalker
  15. Tweetbinder
  16. Twitter Search
  17. TweetDeck
  18. Twubs
  19. TweetChat
  20. YouScan.io